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Learn about music history, as well as how it fits in with actual world events, literature, and art


Download and print music that is in the public domain:


Write, print, and save your own music:


A wonderful blog and a great source of oboe information:

John Peterson

The expert oboe repair technician at RDG woodwinds. His website has excellent repair and maintenance info:


The International Double Reed Society

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Recommended Double Reed Suppliers


ForrestsMark Chudnow RDG Ann HodgeMidwest Musical ImportsEdmund Nielsen Carlos Coehlo

Sheet Music

Gail WarnaarEbleTrevco
A note on sheet music (no pun intended): although it's easy to photocopy music or even print it from IMSLP, I recommend buying the actual music whenever possible and only copying or downloading it so that you can start working on it while your music is being ordered and shipped. The music we love will go out of print if no one buys it, and it's the right thing to do to pay for it. In addition, I recommend buying from double reed stores whenever possible. These are actual "mom and pop" organizations run by real people who are knowledgeable and can answer your questions should you have any. So unless amazon or sheetmusicplus is considerably less expensive, please try to buy from these small businesses.


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