Reed Making Material:

Oboe Reedmaking Overview

Oboe Reed Tying and Preliminary Scraping Instructions

Oboe Reed Tying and Preliminary Scraping Diagrams

Oboe Reed Adjustment Chart

Beginning Reedmaking List

My recommendations for reed-making supplies:

Midwest Musical Imports:

Gouged/Shaped/Folded Cane, Pisoni Gilbert 1 ($4/pc)

Tip Knife ($55)

Chiarugi #2 Staples, 47mm ($4.50)

Chiarugi #2 Mandrel ($23)

Small Sharpening Sticks ($16)

Large Sharpening Sticks ($25)

Edmund Nielsen:

Knife ($49)

Plumber's Tape ($5.50)

Thread ( $6.50)

RDG Woodwinds:

Student Cane ($2.15/pc)

Or ask me! I can sell you practice cane, 10pc/$5 gouged only; 10pc/$10 shaped Caleb

For gouged only cane, I recommend RDG Larchmont or Superieure

FF Thread ($7)

Cutting Block ($13)

Beeswax ($2)

Plaque ($2.25)

Gem Razor Blades ($17)


Cutting Block ($10.95)

Ruler ($4.95)

Contoured Plastic Oboe Plaque ($2)

From regular stores (e.g. Staples, Office Max, OSH):

• A small box, like a pencil case, for storage

(Here's one for $2.99 from Staples)

• A small ruler with centimeters

(Here's one for $1.99 from Staples)

• Single edged razor blades

(Here is a 10-pack for $5.89 from Staples)

Plumbers tape ($1.87 add-on on amazon)

Approximate Total Cost:


List of necessary items:

knifemandrelplaquecutting blocksharpening sticksthreadcanetubesbeeswaxplumbers' taperazor bladesboxrulerpencil

Items can be mixed and matched from different stores as long as all the items on the list are included. The beginner's list leaves off a few items that can wait til later, like contoured plaques and a tip knife, and opts for the less expensive options in terms of sharpening sticks and cane.