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Private Lessons

Gabrielle stresses both fundamentals and musicality in her approach to teaching the oboe. Students are assigned different scales, long tones, and etudes each week, as well as a piece to work on. She believes a basic understanding of music theory and history improves a student's appreciation of the oboe, as does a knowledge of "oboe culture" (e.g. famous oboe players and teachers, the oboist's role in orchestra, musician etiquette), and therefore includes aspects of these subjects in lessons. Gabrielle caters her lessons to the specific needs and interests of her students, and she encourages diligent practicing. She is also available for reed-making lessons. Reeds can be available with prior notice.

Why study with Gabrielle?

She has:•over 10 years of teaching experience, including college level•a master's degree in oboe performance from USC•worked with students of all ages and levels•placed students in California All-State ensembles in both Junior High and High School levels•an active performing career on the instrument she teaches•an excellent rapport with students

Please contact Gabrielle at gmcastriotta@gmail.com for more information on private lessons, including rates and student testimonials.