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3 Ways to Ornament the Sarabanda Movement of the 
Corelli-Barbirolli Concerto:  

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Reed making:

Oboe Reedmaking Overview

Oboe Reed Tying and Preliminary Scraping Instructions

Oboe Reed Tying and Preliminary Scraping Diagrams

Oboe Reed Adjustment Chart

My recommendations for reed-making supplies:

Mark Chudnow Woodwinds:
 Ceramic Sharpening Sticks ($18)
  Staples (at least 4) ($4.50 ea.)*
Cutting block ($9.25)
Mandrel ($60)*

Edmund Nielsen Woodwinds:
FF Thread ($6.50)
Knife ($46)
Teflon/Plumbers' Tape ($5.50)
Plaque (or from RDG) ($2.10)
  Budget Staples (6/$21)*
Cane (12pcs/$30) (or from RDG)

RDG Woodwinds:
 (these items can be purchased from Nielsen if more convenient):
Beeswax (or from Nielsen) ($2)
Student cane (or from Nielsen) ($2.10 ea.)
Plaque (or from Nielsen) ($2.25)
Stephens Staples ($3.85 advanced; $1.95 beginner)

For more advanced reedmakers, I also recommend:

*I prefer the MCW Mandrel and think that the combination of this mandrel and Sierra tubes are the easiest tools with which to learn, and a student can continue to use them beyond college.  However, the Nielsen mandrel is less than half the price and still decent, and can be used with Nielsen tubes, which are also decent. Stephens staples from RDG are also less expensive and should fit either mandrel.

From regular stores (e.g. Staples, Office Max, OSH): 
• A small box, like a pencil case, for storage
(Here's one for $2.99 from Staples)
• A small ruler with centimeters
(Here's one for $1.99 from Staples)
• Single edged razor blades
(Here is a 10-pack for $6.19 from Staples)

Approximate Total Cost:

Various double reed stores do offer their own "first reeds kits."  I prefer the particular supplies that I recommend that can be ordered from 2 or 3 separate places, but if it's much easier and cheaper for you, below are some links to ready-made reed kits.  I would add that my suggestions include sharpening sticks and razor blades, which not all of these kits include.  If a student is serious about making reeds, those items are necessary.  

Mark Chudnow Reed Kit ($170)
RDG  Reed Kit ($155)
Nielsen:  Reed Kit ($152)

Finally, in case all the different recommendations are confusing, here is a simple list of necessary items:
cutting block
sharpening sticks
plumbers' tape
razor blades